Recent months have shown the importance of new technologies in our daily work. But the “Home office” does not have to limit us. Meetings can be held with the use of instant messengers, documents can be signed electronically and sent by e-mail or using internal document circulation applications. This allows us carry out our tasks anywhere, any time and faster than ever before.

We would like to invite you and other experts from your organisation to a conference, during which we will not only talk about solutions such as: electronic signature, trust services and electronic identification, which provide continuity of work, even in the conditions of the COVID-19 pandemic, but above all we will demonstrate their practical use in everyday business operations.

We hope that this virtual meeting will be the first step towards future conversations, exchange of ideas and projects, which for both you and your clients can turn out to be an important step towards a new dimension of running business activities.



Does any of the following describes you or your colleagues?

  • People responsible for innovation, development, new technologies
  • IT Directors
  • Sales Directors
  • Finance and Administration Directors/Presidents
  • Managing Directors
  • Directors of Legal Departments
  • Directors of HR Departments
  • And other people interested in new technological developments

Please head on over to the EFPE Conference website for registration, agenda and other details.
Date: 30th September, 2020

Registration is FREE!

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