For any kind of publicly trusted SSL/TLS certificate you want, you will be required to verify your control of the domain. This can be quickly done in three different ways:


By email

You will need to have already existing, one of these five, specific email IDs:,,, or If you don’t have one of these already existing to send the verification email to, you can create one of them for this verification process and later delete if you wish.

Just remember that this is also the email address to which our system will send renewal reminders when the time comes.


By file upload

Any email account will do for this method.

You will have to go to the home directory of your server/hosting account and create a folder named “.well-known“. You will recognize that folders that start with a dot in front, are recognized by the server or computer as hidden. The next step would be to create a folder inside of this hidden folder named “pki-validation“.

An email containing a unique code will have been sent to the email account provided. You will need to copy this code carefully.

Go into the “pki-validation” folder on your server and create a new file. Name this file “certum.txt“. Open or edit this file and paste the code you copied into it, then save.

If you have done it correctly, the file should be publicly accessible with the following URL (with your actual domain of course) –

Finally, go back to the file upload verification email sent to you and click the “Verify domain” link in it. This will prompt our system to check for the presence of that file and so establish your control of the domain.


By creating a DNS TXT record

This is simply verification of domain access by creating an appropriate TXT record in DNS, the content of which you will receive from CERTUM. You can also use any email account to receive the instructions for this. You will need to ask your hosting provider or Domain Registrar for guidance on creating a DNS TXT record.


You will only need to verify your domain once using any one of the three methods most convenient for you. We hope this piece helps outline how to verify domain control.


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