There are really three ways of verifying control of your domain when requesting a Certum SSL/TLS certificate of any class or variant. These methods are standard and is mostly the same with all other Certificate Authorities.

Perhaps the favourite and fastest means is the Administrator Email method, which requires you have at least one of five specific email IDs;,,, or

In this example we’re verifying domain control using the email method for a certificate for the domain, hence we’re using the common admin ID –


When you indicate the EMAIL method for domain verification, you will receive two email messages from Certum as soon as your CSR and certificate request are logged into the system. The emails should be delivered to your email account within a few minutes like in the screenshot below:


The email titled “Certificate request has been created – certificate for *****.***” is merely to notify you about the start of the process to acquire a certificate for your domain or subdomain.

It is the other email we’re interested in. The one titled “Domain administrator email verification – *****.***”

Click to open it.

Scroll down a bit and you should see a text link that says “Verify email of domain administrator”:


It is easiest to click although if your email client doesn’t allow hyperlinks and just displays the code, you can also copy it and paste into your browser’s address bar.

When you click on the text link, you should be redirected to a Certum verification page:


Just click the orange “Verify” button to complete the process. When you do, and the verification attempt is successful, you should see this screen:


This indicates the domain verification was successful!

You may also click the “Refresh” button if it takes too long to return a success screen like this or indicate the verification attempt has been unsuccessful.

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